Do you rent kegs? What is the cost? How much notice do you need?

We sure do! We offer both 29L and 50L kegs for retail customers to rent. We also offer hand pumps and buckets to rent at an additional cost. As kegs are a hot commodity around here, we ask that you give us 2 weeks notice to ensure availability. Check out our Rentals section for more information.

Do you fill growlers? Will you fill another brewery’s growler? What is the cost?

Yes! Growlers are a great and economical way to sample our draft and try what is fresh. As the standard size of growler (that’s 1.89 litres) is fairly regulated across North America (and most parts of the world) we are happy to fill any other growler of comparable size. We’ll even give you a new cap to keep things fresh! We are also happy to fill squealers (half-growlers, also referred to as growlitos, meowlers, or grunts to name a few), but make sure you keep your cap, just in case we don’t have a replacement of the correct size. Our fill prices are generally $12 for a growler and $7 for a squealer, although premium brews may come at an additional cost.

How long will the beer last in my growler?

A freshly filled growler, kept cold and with its original seal can last about a week, BUT, once the growler’s seal is cracked and any beer is poured out, it should be enjoyed within the night as the beer will begin going flat rather quickly.

How do I care for my growler?

Caring for your growler is very simple, but also very important. Once the beer is all gone, remove (and toss out) the cap and give the jug a nice hot rinse with fresh water. Let it air dry upside-down, then bring it back in for your next fill! We recommend that you do not use any harsh chemicals in cleaning as the residue it leaves can negatively affect your beer. That said, if you happen to forget to rinse right away, you can use a small amount of mild dish soap to help get any funkiness out - just make sure to rinse thoroughly! (Nobody likes soapy beer…) If a growler is left too long without being cleaned, or is left with a cap on before it is dry, it can get funky and mouldy, which just isn’t a good time. Be warned: if a funky growler is brought to us for a refill, for the safety and sanitation of our customers, we may refuse to fill it.

Do you refund bottle deposits? Is my growler refundable?

Although we are required to charge a $0.10 deposit on all bombers and cans, we are not able to refund these deposits at this time. All refundable bottles and cans can be brought to your local bottle/Return-It depot to collect your refund. That said, our growlers are non-refundable. When you purchase one of our growler bottles, they are yours to keep—the initial charge is not a deposit, it is a purchase. If you do not wish to keep your growler, it can be recycled with other glass items through your local recycling/waste management centre, or better yet, up-cycled! Give it to a friend, use it as a display piece, water your garden with it... the possibilities are endless!

What are your hours? Are you open on holidays?

Our tasting room is open 7 days a week, including most holidays. Our typical hours are Mon-Thurs 11-6, Fri 11-8, Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5. Check out our Tasting Room page for more information and up-to-date holidays hours.

Do you serve food?

In a word, no, we do not serve food ourselves, but we do offer a few options to keep you satisfied: our tasting room sells chips and other beer snacks to munch on, or, for hot food, we also offer food trucks parked on site for most of the year. If neither of those options are tickling your fancy, our licensing is such that we welcome anyone to bring their own food in to enjoy with our beers. For more information on what to expect during your visit and what is available for food, check out our Tasting Room page and be sure to keep up with us on social media.

Do you sell wine, cider, or beer from other breweries?

Unfortunately, our licensing does not allow for us to serve or sell alcoholic beverages that are not made in-house. At this point, we serve and sell exclusively beer and exclusively beer brewed right on site! (Don’t worry, it’s delicious!)

Do you sell non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes! We offer a small variety of non-alcoholic beverages for your convenience, including sparkling soda drinks and locally made Kombucha.

Do you host brewery tours?

You bet! We have a fairly casual tour setup and are always open to bookings. Give us a call (around a week in advance if possible) and we will work with you to create something that meets your needs. Check out our Tasting Room page for more information on what we can offer.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in our facility. They are welcome in our patio area, just not inside. This is for the safety of your pets as well as to preserve the sanitation of our manufacturing areas.

Are kids allowed?

Yes! We are a family-friendly facility, so long as all minors are accompanied by an adult (for their safety of course).

Do you sell gift certificates?

We sure do! We offer $25 gift cards redeemable for both beer and merchandise, as well as $12 growler fill cards or $7 squealer fill cards redeemable for a standard fill off of our draft.

Can I book an event at Red Arrow?

Yes, we would love to have you! With our licensing, we do have some limitations on what we can offer, but we are open to working with you to meet your needs. As soon as you are ready to start planning, make sure to give us a call or send us an email and speak to our tasting room manager to get your booking started. Email inquiries to Make sure to check out our About Us and Tasting Room pages for more information on our facilities and what we can offer.

When did you open? Who is the owner?

We first opened to the public in June of 2015. Our owners are a partnership between Liz and Lance Steward (of Just Jake’s and the Craig St Brew Pub in downtown Duncan) and brewmaster Chris Gress. For the full story, check out our About Us page.

In which formats can I purchase your beer?

We offer our brews in a variety of formats. The most common way of purchasing our product is in the 650ml bomber bottles. We also offer some of our beers in 6-pack cans. These formats are available in our tasting room as well as in many liquor stores all across BC. For something a little fresher, we also offer our brews on draft in our tasting room as well as many restaurants and bars across BC. In our tasting room, we offer fills of growlers (1.89 litre jugs) or squealers (985 ml jugs) from our draft. We also offer rentals of kegs in 2 different sizes through our tasting room. For a full list of prices and availability in-house, check out our Tasting Room page. To find out where to purchase our product off-site, check out the Our Beers page.

What do you do with your grain/waste after brewing?

In an effort to be more environmentally-friendly, all spent grain from our brews is doled out to a handful of local farmers to be used as feed for their livestock. For more information on this and other waste-disposal processes used at Red Arrow, check out the About Us page.

Are you hiring? How can I apply for work?

If we are looking for applicants, you will be able to see it on our What’s Happening page. That said, even if we aren’t openly advertising for new positions, it never hurts to apply! Applicants for the tasting room can submit resumes to Julie either in person or by email to; applicants for positions in the brewery can submit resumes to Chris either in person or by email to; any other applicants, including anyone looking for a mixed range of positions, can filter through our controller, Donna, either in person or through email to

Where can I find your product near me?

We provide our bombers, cans, and kegs to a wide variety of stores and restaurants all throughout BC and even some in Alberta. Check out the Our Beer page to find one of our partners near you. If you are still having trouble, we always say, “the more you ask, the more you find!” so be sure to ask your local if you can’t find us - they are very likely able to order it in for you!