Old Style Lager

Brewed with the finest ingredients we can get our hands on. This Lager is aged for an extended time in horizontal tanks to ensure the smoothest taste and utmost clarity. All signs point towards a delicious taste experience.


Kustom Kolsch

Brewed to rule. Our Kustom Kolsch is fine tuned and ready to ride. This beer pours clean and bright. The taste is crisp and refreshing.


Piggy Pale Ale

A rather civilized beer. Pouring a light golden orange this PIGGY has a medium hop aroma, balanced maltiness and just enough gumption to bring home the game. Light body, mild earthy hop aroma and a dry refreshing finish.


Midnite Umber Ale

Award winning Midnite Umber Ale pours ruby brown and has notes of candied apricot, toffee and brown sugar balanced by a solid hand of southern hemisphere hops. The best of tease and temptation.


Heritage River Hefeweizen

Take the plunge and dive into our Heritage River Hefeweizen. Brewed with a traditional Weihenstephan yeast strain this beer is full of Satsuma orange and citrus flavours, followed by a subtle aroma of pink bubble gum and clove. This beer is unfiltered to retain a full flavoured profile.


Farm Stand RSA

Fresh from the brewery to your pint our Farmstand RSA pours light copper and packs a basket load of hop flavour with notes of grapefruit, citrus and stonefruit. The rye malt imparts a dry, slightly spicy flavour that creates the perfect stage for the hops to truly shine. A very sessionable, hoppy beer... get it while it’s in season!


Hop Shop Imperial IPA

This high octane brew is constructed with a trunk load of hops. We held nothing back while building this beast. Supercharged with multiple Zeus and Mosaic leaf additions to ensure more than enough horsepower for our fellow Hop Heads. Pouring a pale-gold this beer has strong aromas of guava, herb & spice. Buckle up and prepare for a tasty ride!


Blackberry Lager

Look out! It’s the Invasion of the Blackberries!!! An experiment gone wrong in the lab took over our brewmaster and the brewery, then, everything went black. So beware if thorn covered arms try to reach out and take over your mind and your taste buds. More than a few blackberries were harmed in the making of this beer.



Only for the openminded and curious. Threesome is part sultry, part wild and 100% fun. The almondesque, herbal character of hemp balances a seductive and tart scarlet hibiscus, complemented with Cowichan Valley wildflower honey. A pleasure for all the senses... kick back, relax and let it happen.