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Red Arrow Brewing - Kustom Kolsch 6 Pack

Kustom Kolsch

Paying tribute in name and in label to our friends from Arrow Custom Cycles, we’ve brewed a pleasantly light and traditional ale that is sure to please all palates. Just like the bikes built in our walls before us, our Kustom Kolsch is finely tuned and ready to ride. This German style golden ale pours clean and bright with a slightly herbal, bread-spice aroma, reminiscent of sourdough bread. The taste is crisp, light, and refreshing with just the right amount of linger.

PROFILE: Clean, bright, refreshing; sourdough bread | ABV: 5.0% | Light Gold
AVAILABLE: 355ml 6-Pack Cans
Red Arrow Brewing - Old Style Lager 6 Pack

Old Style Lager

Time. Honour. Tradition. Patience. Brewed with the finest ingredients we can get our hands on, this Lager is aged for an extended time in horizontal tanks to ensure the smoothest taste and utmost clarity. We aim to highlight the subtle nuances of a quality craft lager, using many old-world recipe traits, reflecting our west coast take on a true classic. With a rich, barley malt body and a rounded, clean finish, all signs point towards a delicious taste experience.

PROFILE: Clean, smooth, refreshing; slight nuttiness; slight tang | ABV: 5.0% | Golden
AVAILABLE: 355ml 6-Pack Cans
Piggy Pale Ale 6 Pack 355ml Cans

Piggy Pale Ale

In our community, rugby is not just a sport—it’s a way of life. When opposing teams come to town to take on the Piggies, they know it’s going to be a hard game. They also know that every drop of blood and sweat left on the field will be replenished back in the clubhouse with the tip of a pint of some fine ale. We took our love of the game (and of our local team, the Cowichan Piggies) and pitched it into this highly session-able, tavern-style Pale Ale. Pouring a light golden-orange, this little Piggy has a medium hop body, balanced malt and just enough gumption to bring home the game. Best enjoyed with friends and teammates!

PROFILE: Light, smoothly hoppy; dry, yet refreshing ruck | ABV: 5.0% | Light Golden-Orange
AVAILABLE: 355ml 6-Pack Cans
Red Arrow Brewing - Laketown Lager 6 Pack

Laketown Lager

As the warm, summer sun melts into an enchanting moonlit sky over the Cowichan Valley, Laketown Ranch keeps the night alive with an unforgettable concert experience. This crisp, clean-finishing, pilsner style lager is hand crafted to be the perfect complement to the festival season.

PROFILE: Crisp, light, clean-finishing | ABV: 4.8% | Light Blonde
AVAILABLE: 6 Pack Cans 355ml
Ball Park Blonde 6 Pack


The ballpark on game day: the smell of fresh-cut grass and sizzling hot dogs. The unmistakable sound of the snap of a mitt and the crack of a bat. Settle into the taste of an ice-cold beer made specifically for this occasion; a light, crisp, lager style ale to tastefully complete your full ballpark experience.

PROFILE: Light, crisp | ABV: 4.8% | Pale Gold
AVAILABLE: 6 Pack Cans 355ml

Sweet Leaf IPA

Here on Vancouver Island, in the always beautiful British Columbia, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by endless amounts of dynamic growth and natural plant life. Explore our lush, coastal flora with the Sweet Leaf IPA. Pungent and fruity, Sweet Leaf is the essence of the Island. This beer pours a beautiful bright amber with a robustly fruity and floral bouquet. Its sharp hop kick, featuring notes of tropical and citrus fruits, is balanced by a smooth, medium malt profile and lingers just enough to leave you wanting more.

PROFILE: Tropical citrus hop, balanced malt finish | ABV: 6.3% | Bright Amber
AVAILABLE: 6 Pack Cans 355ml, Tall Cans 473ml

Midnite Umber

Every brewery needs a guardian. Meet ours, Christopher, the all-seeing gargoyle. He’s been watching over our building for years. As the bell tolls on the darkest hour, he is there—a few chips and bumps, but sturdy as always. This richly malty, but easy-drinking beer is dedicated to him and his watchful legacy in which we can all find a little comfort. A refreshing take on a darker style of beer, the Midnite Umber Ale pours a beautiful ruby/reddish brown (also known to artists as umber) and has notes of candied apricot and demerara. While this brew is full of rich, decadent flavours, its body is surprisingly light. Balanced nicely by a solid hand of southern hemisphere hops, and with a smooth malt finish, the Midnite Umber Ale is the best of tease and temptation.

PROFILE: Candied apricot, toffee and malt, slight hop finish | ABV: 5.1% | Ruby/Umber Brown
AVAILABLE: 6 Pack Cans 355ml, Tall Cans 473ml